Sally and William had a litter of five! ****All kittens in this litter have been reserved****

Born Monday, February 6, 2023
Will be 10 weeks old on Monday, April 17

Kittens will be sold as pets only

Kittens are $1800 with a $300 deposit

$200 discount given for cash payment at pickup

Please read about the purchasing process and our health guarantee
before inquiring about making a deposit:

Click here for Purchasing Process Click here for Health Guarantee

Sally and William had a gorgeous litter of five fluffy sweet kittens. Surprisingly, all five of these babies are girls! One of these sweet girls is going to live with my mother and all four of her sisters are available for deposit. These babies are fat, round, fluffy balls of cuteness. They are only four weeks old and are still developing their individual personalities; as a whole, they are carefree, curious, loving, cuddly, and full of energy... at least in short bursts. They are still very much babies at just a month old and are still learning to eat wet/dry food and use the litter box. They are at the most adorable age right now where everything is new and they are beginning to explore but still fall over if they get to moving too fast. I play with these babies everyday and they are already very well socialized to people. They love curling up in my lap, getting their bellies tickled, and trying to climb up my shoe or pants leg.

Some of these kittens were born with "blazes" or white markings on their faces. This beautiful feature comes from specific gene and you can see photos of Ragdolls with blazes here:

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Kitten 1

🌺 Reserved for Tamara 🌺

Blue Mitted Female

Kitten 2

🌺 Reserved for Katherine, Thomas & Dad 🌺

Seal Mitted Female

Kitten 3

🌺 Reserved for Katherine 🌺

Blue Mitted Female

Kitten 4

🌺Reserved for
Renee and Tom🌺

Blue Mitted Female

Kitten 5

🌺Reserved for Lynn🌺

Seal Mitted Female