Honey Blossom Family

Meet The Gang



Solid Lilac Lynx Mitted Female

Pebbles is an easy-going, but confident girl. She has a regal air about her and isn't interested in the tom- foolery of the younger cats like Yoshi and Paprika. She would rather take a calm nap or flop over for a petting session. Pebbles loves to eat. She is always the first to try any of my new homemade cat food recipes and has a very sophisticated palate. She is truly the definition of a "Queen".



Seal Mitted Female

Sally is confident and self-assured. She is a natural leader who will be the first to check out anything new that enters the cattery. Sally is an excellent mother and loves to tease her kittens by pushing them over or trapping them in a "bear hug". She is happiest when with kittens. Sally is our little lioness and cannot resist chasing a ball or hunting down a feather toy. As sassy and self-reliant as Sally is, she can't resist but flop over when being petted, especially for a long, head-to-tail stroke.



Seal Mitted Female

Sweet Betty Boo wants all the attention from people and to crawl in your lap. She also loves all other cats, especially Uncle Yoshi. She can be submissive to dominate cats, but its because she has a heart of gold and is a big pushover. She enjoys cat "kisses" and sleeping in the bed anytime she can. Betty has truly never met a stranger and is always first to greet new visitors to our home. She's that cat whose paw you see under the door when you are trying to use the bathroom!



Red Bi-Color Female

Paprika is the youngest girl in the bunch. She has all the typical teenage vibes too. She is sassy, knows no fear, and is always front and center. Her absolute favorite thing in the world is a new toy, especially those with feathers. She tosses them in the air, hunts them back down, and then runs giant circles around the house showing off her prize. She loves to play with her kittens and is full of energy. She is definitely the "fun mom!"



Blue Colorpoint Male

William's is such a sweet, kind, loving boy. His favorite pastime is being thoroughly brushed out and doted on. He has plenty of youthful energy but is not opposed to long naps. He has a wise and distinguished type of personality and prefers to sit back and "take it all in". He wins all of the girls over with his suave cool-cat demeanor. He's simply irresistible!